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Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Case; The Future Of Telehealth; Biden & Xi At UNGA

Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Case; The Future Of Telehealth; Biden & Xi At UNGA
Biden and Xi Jinping speak at the UN General Assembly, laying out different visions of the future. Is there hope for multilateral cooperation?
Kim Keenan, adjunct professor at George Washington University and former General Counsel of the NAACP, joins us to discuss developments in the ongoing fraud case against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. We talk about the details of the charges and how the company’s claims to revolutionize blood testing drew investors that included many important political figures and ended up being a empty shell, the defense that Holmes is putting up claiming abuse, whether this will be effective in court, and how this case connects to Silicon Valley techno-utopian culture.
Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, talks to us about the future of healthcare provision, how telehealth has changed the way Americans access medical treatment over the course of the pandemic, and whether these changes should - and will - be made permanent. We also talk about the limitations of virtual health consultations and treatment, how unequal access to technology can affect the quality of healthcare that people receive.
David Swanson, activist, journalist, radio host and author of the book "Curing Exceptionalism," talks to us about Joe Biden’s and Xi Jinping’s speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, how they differed from each other in tone and substance, and whether we will see an attempt at cooperation or continuing escalations between the two countries, in light of recent US weapons sales in the Asia region. We also talk about new developments in the allegations about the so-called Havana syndrome, with new claims coming out from intelligence officials traveling abroad, the unanimous passage of the Havana Act in Congress, and how the allegations of directed energy attacks have been accepted as fact despite the mysterious nature of these cases.
Justin Williams, co-host of Redspin Sports, talks to us about NFL rule change proposals for 2021, taunting during games being penalized, new contract proposals by US Soccer and the fight for pay equity, and the fight of Philadelphia 76ers All-Star forward Ben Simmons against management regarding his contract.
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