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CIA Assange Assassination Plot Revealed; SPD Wins in Germany

CIA Assange Assassination Plot Revealed; SPDU Wins in Germany
According to CIA sources, the Mike Pompeo-led CIA considered kidnapping and murdering Julian Assange, and seemed unconcerned about overt violations of law.
John Kiriakou, journalist, author and host of The Back Story, joins us to discuss Julian Assange. Numerous reports are surfacing about Mike Pompeo's fury towards Julian Assange and his apparent disregard for the law. According to CIA sources, the Mike Pompeo-led CIA considered kidnapping and murdering Julian Assange, and seemed unconcerned about overt violations of law.
Michelle Witte, co-host of Political Misfits, joins us to discuss German election results. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party lost to the Social Democrats in a German electoral close call. The leader of the Social Democrats has stated that a strong EU is his main priority.
David Schultz, author and professor of political science and law at Hamline University, joins us to discuss US legal issues. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has filed an appeal arguing that his conviction was invalid due to many issues. Also, the conservative US Supreme Court is facing great scrutiny as divisive issues, such as gun rights and abortion, hit the docket for 2022.
K. J. Noh, peace activist, writer, and teacher, joins us to discuss China. Huawei executive Weng Manzhou has been released from Canada and received a hero's welcome in Beijing upon her arrival. China is spinning this as a victory, and the US seems to be on radio silence about the issue. China also released a pair of Canadian businessmen, apparently as part of the agreement for dropping the charges against her.
Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestinian activist, joins us to discuss Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said that he intends to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for illegal settlements. His move is a result of the one-year deadline that he presented in 2020 for Israel to abandon Jerusalem settlements and retreat to the 1967 borders.
Obi Egbuna, activist, and US Rep for The Zimbabwean Newspapers, joins us to discuss Africa. The US empire has a long-running sanctions program in Africa including more countries than any other continent. International observers are calling for the empire to remove its African sanctions, beginning with Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe sanctions have been ongoing for 20 years.
Laith Marouf, broadcaster and journalist based in Beirut, joins us to discuss Syria. A recent count of casualties in Syria shows that a minimum of 350,000 persons have been killed since the US Empire and its allies attacked the country. Also, Russian airstrikes hit a rebel base near Afrin as Russian and Turkish leaders prepare to meet.
Dan Kovalik, writer, author, and lawyer, joins us to discuss Nicaragua. Warhawks and imperialists in Congress are preparing another round of economic attacks on Nicaragua as the small Latin nation prepares for its elections. The US hawks refuse to allow political independence in the Global South, and this move comes as the leaders of these nations work to start a new group and overcome the constant attacks by the OAS and other US tools of regime change.
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