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Weekly News Roundup; YouTube Censorship; North Korea Tests Missiles

Weekly News Roundup; YouTube Censorship; North Korea Tests Missiles
In an act of overt censorship, YouTube has removed RT's German-speaking channel as part of their worldwide anti-free speech actions.
Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to wrap up the important stories for the week. North Korea is working on strengthening its missile program in light of US aggression and threats. Also, the US is arguing that they need to work with the Europeans to retard China's innovative advancement in technology.
Dr. Anthony Monteiro, an expert in WEB DuBois joins us to talk about the US empire and a potential 2024 presidential run by Donald Trump. Robert Kagan has penned an article in the Washington Post wherein he discusses whether the government can or should do anything to prevent a second Trump presidency. Also, we discuss whether the US empire is losing its power as the world's hegemonic force.
Jack Rasmus, professor in economics and politics at St. Mary's College in California, joins us to discuss the economic stories for the week. President Biden has signed the bipartisan bill which has temporarily halted a government shutdown. Also, we discuss the weekly jobless rates and the battle between the left flank of the Democratic party and the corporate leaders of the organization.
Niko House, political activist, independent journalist and podcaster, and Jim Kavanagh, writer at thepolemicist.net & CounterPunch and the author of "Danger to Society: Against Vaccine Passports," come together to talk politics. Mike Pompeo has tacitly admitted to the claims that he threatened the life of Julian Assange by arguing that those who leaked this claim should be prosecuted for revealing state secrets. Also, we discuss YouTube's blocking of Russia Today Germany, Israel's influence in US politics, and the arms industry's economic stranglehold on Congress.
Ray Baker, political analyst and host of the podcast Public Agenda, and Scott Ritter, former UN weapon inspector in Iraq, join us to discuss this week's important news stories. President Biden recently rejected a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN in New York. Also, President Biden's approval rating is dropping among key voters, the battle is heating up between corporate Democrats and their left flank, and the US envoy to Haiti has resigned in protest.
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