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How The Rich Evade Taxes; Epstein Victims Shortchanged; Facebook’s Disproportionate Power

How The Rich Evade Taxes; Epstein Victims Shortchanged; Facebook’s Disproportionate Power
Pandora papers reveal intricate web of corruption and theft. Can institutions be reformed to address these kleptocratic practices?
Jon Jeter, author and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, former Washington Post bureau chief and award-winning foreign correspondent, joins us to talk about the ongoing fallout from the revelations in the Pandora Papers. We discuss the details of how these individuals and corporations constitute a global kleptocratic regime, and the people, organizations, and states that help them by operating and sustaining the offshoring industry. We also talk about the effects that these practices have on populations abroad, by siphoning money from the state through tax evasion and increasing precarity and inequality.
David Rosen, widely published author whose most recent book is "Prohibition New York City: Speakeasy Queen Texas Guinan, Blind Pigs, Drag Balls and More", and an author of book reviews and popular pieces on media-tech, telecom, politics, sex and American life, joins us to talk ongoing Epstein saga: the status of a fund set up for his victims, how the fund set up to compensate Epstein’s alleged victims has perhaps been falling short, the looming legal woes of Prince Andrew after he reportedly spent time at the Bahamas mansion of fashion designer Peter Nygard, who has now been accused of a number of sex crimes, and the state of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.
Jacqui Luqman and Sean Blackmon, hosts of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik, join hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about the undue power vested in the tech giant Facebook, and how the various allegations against it come as no surprise considering the lax regulation on technology companies, whose only goal is to increase their profits. We also talk about the extremely popular show “Squid Game,” the impact of its social critique and what U.S. film and television programs can learn from it.
Red Grant, comedian and 2022 mayoral candidate for Washington, DC, talks to us about the experience of transitioning from the arts, culture and community into politics, and the importance of bringing unique perspectives into political dialogue and practice.
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