Iran Shows Off Mystery New Ground-based Vertical Launch Missile System - Video

© Photo : Tasnim News courtesy of @SedaNewsIRIBMystery Iranian vertical launch air defence system.
Mystery Iranian vertical launch air defence system. - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.10.2021
Over the past decade-and-a-half, the Islamic Republic has developed a large arsenal of homegrown missile systems tasked with everything from providing air defence to massed strikes against ground installations and warships in the event of enemy aggression.
Iran has shown off a mystery new air defence system which makes use of vertical launch technology.
The nameless system was filmed taking part in large-scale joint air defence drills in central Iran Tuesday and Wednesday. The drills, dubbed ‘Guardians of Velayet Sky-1400’, involve air defence units from Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, as well as the regular army.
The system features four ready-to-launch canister launchers and a radar complex situated on the launcher itself, with the configuration known as TELAR (Transporter Erector Launcher And Radar). The system’s control room is presumably situated below the radar.
Tasnim speculates that the system, which was not filmed firing, is a road-mobile air defence platform for use against air targets at medium range. The news agency assumes that the system could be deployable by navy ships as well, either to provide air defence or to launch cruise missiles.
Tasnim says the system’s onboard phased array radar probably operates in X-band, allowing for the system to track and engage multiple targets simultaneously. The TELAR design is also expected to make it difficult for enemies to disrupt the system’s operation or saturate the combat environment using electronic warfare.
Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Forces commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh boasted about the new equipment being shown off in the drills. “Fifteen years ago, we did not have such capabilities, and we depended on foreign equipment in radar, command and control, as well as surface-to-air missile systems. Now, all the equipment used in the yearly exercise has been developed in Iran,” he said.
Along with the mystery vertical launch system, the Guardians of Velayet Sky-1400 drills have saw the first-ever use in drills of a new long-range radar system known as Qods. That vehicle-mounted radar is said to be capable of detecting targets at ranges of over 500 km and at altitudes of over 90,000 feet.
The drills also saw the deployment of Joshan and Khatam air defence systems, with the former an upgrade to the Khorrdad 15 surface-to-air missile system that was first unveiled in 2019, and characterized by observers as a ‘Mini-S-300’. The Dezful and Majid missile systems also took part.
Iran has one of the most sophisticated homegrown defence sectors in the Middle East, and has created a broad array of short-, medium- and long-range missile systems. The United States and its allies have sought to reign in the Islamic Republic’s missile power by treaty, but Tehran has said repeatedly that it will never give up the weapons, and that it considers them a security guarantee against foreign aggression.
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