Hardy Helper: New Penis-Attached Sensor May Assist Men in Battling Erectile Issues, Says Media

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The new sensor attaches to the base of a man’s penis to gauge erectile activity during the night.
A UK-based enterprise has rolled out a new medical gadget that may better gauge men’s health, The Sun reports.
The device in question, made by Adam Health and called Adam Sensor, is designed to be attached to the base of a man’s penis via a band and worn overnight to count the number of nightly erections.
A healthy man experiences between three and five erections per night on average, the newspaper notes citing the NHS which says "most doctors agree that night-time erections are a sign that everything is in working order."
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The sensor is supposed to help narrow down the causes of erectile issues; if a man has nightly erections but has erectile issues while awake, it may suggest that the problem is psychological in nature; if a lack of erections at night is found, it may suggest a biological issue.

"If night time erections are impacted, the most common reason is ageing," said Christos Vasilakos, founder of Adam Health. "It might also be nerve damage if you are diabetic, caused by low testosterone or signal cardiovascular problems."

Vasilakos also mentioned that the device is being used to “help direct men to the right route of treatment."
The device is currently only available in the International Andrology London clinic, the newspaper points out, adding that there’s hope that Adam Sensor will be available for home use by mid-2022.
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