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Fault Lines
From Washington DC - the capital of the divided states of America - it's time for a show that brings you both sides of the issues that the country is talking about. We battle it out, Monday through Friday, on a show that's explosive, informative and entertaining.

Military Dissolves Sudan's Government, Declares State of Emergency

Military Dissolves Sudan's Government, Declares State of Emergency
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talk about fallout around the Northern Ireland trade, the items that could be removed from Biden’s Bill to get Manchin and Sinema on board, the reality of the trucking industry during a supply chain breakdown, and NASA directly recognizing the possibility of alien life.
Peter Oliver - EU correspondent for RT International | UK and EU Still ‘far apart’ on Northern Ireland trade
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist and Syndicated Columnist | Democrats Weight Ditching Medicare Expansion & Attack Ads Hit Manchin
Stephen Oatley - Founder and Editor of Freight Broker Live | Trucker Shortage is a Myth in the Supply Chain Breakdown
Tom Whitmore - Former Financial Analyst and currently, a Senior Board Member of MUFON | Administrator of NASA Bill Nelson's Eyebrow Raising Comments of UFOs
In the first hour, Peter Oliver joined the show to talk about the effects of Brexit creating controversy between Britain and Northern Ireland. Germany also seems unable to finalize a government for the country but are talking on key points that they are agreeing or disagreeing on.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Ted Rall for a discussion on the attack ads targeted on Joe Manchin for his pushback against the Democrats’ agenda. We were also joined by Stephen Oatley to talk about the trucking industry and the myth of a driver shortage that is running this supply chain break.
In the third hour, Tom Whitmore joined the conversation to talk about the head of NASA admitting to the media that there are some credible claims of alien activity on Earth. The Department of Defense has been sweeping information under the rug for decades around this information.
Also, we discuss the evolving situation in Sudan.
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