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Taiwan and The UN; Strike at Kellogg’s; Water Crisis; Facebook Papers Fallout

Taiwan And The UN; Strike At Kellogg’s; Water Crisis; Facebook Papers Fallout
State Department encourages Taiwan participation at the UN. Are we witnessing a direct challenge to the One China Policy?
Danny Haiphong, activist, writer and political analyst, joins us to discuss the potential political implications after the US State Department issued a statement encouraging all UN member states to support Taiwan’s participation throughout the UN system and in the international community, and how this can be interpreted as a direct challenge to China’s policy vis-a-vis Taiwan. We also talk about whether this statement is consistent with past US policy toward Taiwan or if it represents a change, and how China could respond to this.
Dan Kovalik, author and human rights & labor lawyer, joins us to talk about the announcement that Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is going to be joining striking Kellogg’s workers and the president of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union on the picket line in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and whether this represents a mere symbolic act or if the Biden administration will actually take a more pro-labor stance and enact worker-friendly policies.
Tina Landis, environmental and social activist and the author of the book “Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism,” joins us to talk about the case of Dixmoor, Illinois, where thousands of residents are still experiencing a water crisis over the weekend, how crises like these could become more commonplace due to lack of infrastructure and the effects of climate change.
Ron Placone, comedian and host of "Get Your News On With Ron," talks to us about the ongoing fallout from the Facebook Papers and whether Facebook had a legal obligation to warn users about the risks revealed by internal research findings, whether net neutrality will be back on the table after a new FCC appointment, Senate Democrats unveiling a plan to tax the gains of billionaires, and Obama’s quest to be an influencer.
Justin Williams, co-host of Redspin Sports, joins us to talk about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doubling down on the league's decision not to make public the results of its investigation into the workplace culture at the Washington Football Team, Chicago Blackhawks president of hockey operations Stan Bowman resigning after the findings into sexual assault allegations, and the MLB World Series.
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