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Dueling Narratives In Ethiopia Conflict; Nicaragua Election; Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes

Dueling Narratives In Ethiopia Conflict; Nicaragua Election; Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes
Bipartisan infrastructure bill passes House vote. Will social spending take a back seat?
Bob Schlehuber, co-host of Political Misfits on Radio Sputnik, joins us to talk about the situation in Ethiopia, where Western media has been presenting a completely different picture of the conflict that generally favors the TPLF narrative and contrasts with on-the-ground reports. He tells us about the experiences of having conversations about the future of the country with Ethiopian citizens, how this conflict could decide the future of the horn of Africa, and how a peaceful solution to the conflict should be the main goal of potential future negotiations.
Wyatt Reed, Radio Sputnik correspondent, tells us about the elections that took place in Nicaragua on Sunday, where the incumbent Daniel Ortega emerged victorious, and how despite proof of transparency in the elections, mainstream Western media outlets keep describing the vote as a sham. We also talk about the White House statement on the election, and whether this signals that the US will take an even harsher line against Nicaragua and expand its sanctions.
Mohammad Marandi, professor of English literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran, talks to us about growing tensions between the US and Iran, and an incident last week where Iran alleged that the US tried to seize an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman, which elicited a rebuke from the US denying such actions, and reports that the tanker in this incident may have transporting oil to Venezuela. We also talk about reports of a drone attack on the residence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al Kadhimi, and what this means for the current power struggle in Iraq.
Dan Lazare, journalist and writer, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Austin Pelli to discuss the messy negotiations over the infrastructure bill, where the slimmed-down bipartisan version passed on Friday, and whether this means that the more ambitious Build Back Better Plan could be permanently shelved. We also talk about COP26 and how people are growing more impatient and skeptical that promises made there will be followed through, and what it would take to enact meaningful climate legislation.
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