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Voices on the Ground From Ethiopia; Dire Conditions at DC Jail; Hawley & Masculinity

Voices On The Ground From Ethiopia; Dire Conditions At DC Jail; Hawley & Masculinity
Ethiopians speak up about the conflict. How western media coverage can distort realities on the ground.
Bob Schlehuber, co-host of Political Misfits on Radio Sputnik, shares a report from his recent visit to the region, including interview with Ethiopian citizens from the capital and the Amhara region, which questions the media narratives promoted in the West about the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People's Liberation Front, how the unfolding humanitarian crisis is being fuelled by TPLF raids, and how some prominent journalists from legacy media promoting distorted narratives are not even in the country. We also talk about possible outcomes of the conflict, whether there may be a partition in the future, how lobbying by special interests in the US may be exacerbating the situation, and how the way forward is to reach a peaceful resolution that promotes unity among the Ethiopian people that transcends ethnic affiliation.
Stuart Anderson, founder and executive director of Family and Friends of Incarcerated People, joins us to talk about reports of the dire conditions at a DC Jail, which is in the process of transferring more than 400 prisoners from DC's Central Detention Facility, after a surprise inspection by US Marshals in October found unlivable conditions and the systematic mistreatment of people detained there. We talk about who is ultimately at fault for this disaster, what is being done to take care of this situation, how this is a long-standing problem in the city that involved corruption and intimidation by jail staff, and the irony that the incarceration of a January 6th defendant sparked the initial investigation into the jail.
Kristine Hendrix, member of the board for Second Chances and contributor to the Truth-Telling Project and We Stay Woke podcast, joins us in a discussion about comments made by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) in an interview with Axios where he addressed the issue of masculinity and his framing of straight white cisgender men under constant attack by left-leaning discourse, the merits of his arguments, how certain ideas within liberal thought may be perceived as ham-fisted, and how the culture war pivot could obscure material factors, like economic insecurity, that can drive these tensions.
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