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Prosecutors Blunder as Opinion Shifts on Rittenhouse Case

Prosecutors Blunder As Opinion Shifts on Rittenhouse Case
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talk about the surprise climate deal between the US and China, the media eating their own words on Russiagate, the government plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000, Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and aliens.
Paul Beckwith - Climate Scientist | US and China Announce Surprise Deal at COP26
Peter Coffin - Video Essayist | Media Eating Crow After Russiagate
Susan Pai - Immigration Attorney | Biden Rejects Plan to Compensate Families Separated at Border
Avi Loeb - Professor of Science | Harvard Astrophysicists Start Project to Find Aliens
In the first hour, Paul Beckwith joined the show to give a wrap of the COP26 conference where the US and China announced a surprise climate deal on Wednesday.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Peter Coffin for a discussion on the media aggressively backpedaling on the Russiagate story after arrests have been made. We were also joined by Susan Pai to talk about plans to compensate families who were separated while trying to illegally cross the border.
In the third hour, Avi Loeb joined the conversation to talk about the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life as Senator Kristin Gillibrand introduces an amendment to establish an office to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena.
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