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Fault Lines
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Trump's First Campaign Promise: Pardoning Jan. 6th Rioters

Trump's First Campaign Promise: Pardoning Jan. 6th Rioters
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about the US warmongering over Russia's supposed plans to invade Ukraine, Trump's would-be first campaign promise to offer pardons to select Jan. 6th rioters, and the anti-COVID mandate protests taking Canada by storm.
Matthew Ehret - Author & Journalist | US Warmongering Over Supposed Russian Invasion Against Ukraine's Best Interests
Faran Fronczak - Anchor for RT America | Trump's First Campaign Promise: Pardoning Jan. 6th Rioters
Mocha Bezirgan - Videographer for Rebel News | 'Fringe Minority' Floods Canada's Capital to Protest COVID Mandates
In the first hour, Matthew Ehret joined the show to talk about why the U.S. is spreading panic by claiming that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent despite Ukraine repeatedly denying this, why NATO has continued expanding when their initial mission statement is of no consequence in today's world, and talk about the shortlist of who the US will sanction in the event of an invasion.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Faran Fronczak for a discussion on Trump's promise to pardon Jan. 6th rioters, what a 2024 rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump would look like, and Biden nominating the same lawyer Chevron hired to prosecute Steven Donzinger as a federal judge.
In the third hour, Mocha Bezirgan joined the conversation to talk about the so-called Freedom Convoy that arrived in Canada's capital this weekend as truckers call for an end to all COVID-19 related mandates. We also talked about how protestors feel about surging Omicron cases, mask mandates, and more.
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