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Snyder's Sex Scandal, CNN’s Glass House, Hunters of Color and Robot Dogs

Snyder's Sex Scandal, CNN’s Glass House, Hunters of Color and Robot Dogs
Snyder caught up in sex scandal, CNN’s glass house of chaos and contradiction and DHS trains dog robot killing machines at the US border.
Dan Lazare is the author of the recent "The Velvet Coup: The Constitution, The Supreme Court and Decline of American Democracy." He joins at the top of the first hour to break down the latest CNN controversy. The company’s president, Jeff Zucker, was forced to resign after an affair with another CNN executive. Star host Jake Tapper jumped into the fray in support of Zucker, saying that when fellow anchor Chris Cuomo was fired a few months ago, he decided to burn his bridges by reporting Zucker’s affair, which violated CNN’s HR rules. Then, Tapper called his colleague Chris Cuomo a terrorist.
For the next segment, Lydia Parker, founder and executive director of Hunters of Color, joins Michelle and John to talk about HOC’s recent change.org petition that is seeking a broader investigation of the Peter Spencer killing in rural western Pennsylvania. Lydia also explained the challenges that people of color encounter while engaging in outdoor activities in an environment where 97% of private land is occupied by white property owners. Lydia emphasizes HOC’s motto: "The outdoors is for everyone."
Chris Garaffa, editor of TechForThePeople.org, catches up with Michelle and John at the top of the second hour to talk about the latest cyber news. The FBI did indeed buy access to the powerful Pegasus spyware, saying it wanted to “stay abreast of emerging technologies and tradecraft.” But don’t worry, it was never used. They just wanted to test and evaluate it. Chris explains how the spyware has been acquired and used against journalists and protest movements. Then, the Misfits discuss the new robot dogs recently developed by the Department of Homeland Security.
George Szamuely is a senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute. He was a frequent columnist with the Taki’s Top Drawer pages of the New York Press. Szamuely has also written for Antiwar.com, Counterpunch, and the Center for Research and Globalization. He joins Michelle and John to discuss the recent change in tone from the mainstream media stressing there’s an imminent threat of war in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials have said: "let’s not panic, we don’t think this is true." A reporter at the Guardian, Shaun Walker, ran some US claims about Russia moving blood supplies closer to the Ukrainian border. Turns out the source was unreliable, and officials from Ukraine are saying it simply isn’t a true account of what’s happening on the ground.
The Misfits close the show with 'Stories of the Weird.' Till next week...
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