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Truckers Refuse to Back Down to Trudeau's Rhetoric

Truckers Refuse to Back Down to Trudeau’s Rhetoric
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about Germany’s Olaf Scholz getting slammed for appearing weak on shutting down gas pipelines, truckers in Canada refusing to back down to their PM, and if modern monetary theory could be the economy’s saving grace.
Peter Oliver - Correspondent for RT | Germany’s Olaf Scholz Gets Dragged to Washington
Scottie Nell Hughes - Anchor for RT America | Truckers Refuse to Back Down to Trudeau’s Rhetoric
Steve Grumbine - Social Justice Activist | Could Modern Monetary Theory Halt the Pandemic?
In the first hour, Peter Oliver joined the show to talk about Biden touting a shutdown of Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine, seemingly at the dismay of Germany’s Olaf Scholz, who’s now being portrayed as weak by German media. We also talked about the lack of infrastructure required to replace the energy that Russia provides and if Germany would be shooting itself in the foot by shutting down the pipeline.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Scottie Nell Hughes for a discussion on the Freedom Convoy and how Justin Trudeau’s repeated accusations of racism and violence at the protests aren’t working. We also talked about Biden taking $30 million from COVID funds to give money to safe injection sites that give out free crack pipes among other drug paraphernalia.
In the third hour, Steve Grumbine joined the conversation to talk about what modern monetary theory is and how long an economy can survive where the government prints money on demand and relies on workers to produce goods and services.
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