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Inflation Surge, Harm Reduction Bill and Interest Rate Swipes

Inflation Surge, Harm Reduction Bill and Interest Rate Swipes
The Misfits talk about rising inflation, interest rate swaps and how they work, healthcare legislation aimed at mitigating the opioid crisis, and the high cost of housing.
At the top of the first hour, Zachary Siegel, freelance journalist and a journalism fellow at Northeastern University's Health in Justice Action Lab, joins John and Michelle to talk about Biden’s Harm Reduction Bill. The measure is not without controversy. A provision provides funding for things like needle exchange programs for individuals suffering from drug addiction. Many Republicans have voiced opposition to the $30 million health care bill. Zachary explains why the bill should pass and why it matters, and points out that the goal should be to focus on reducing the demand for opioids as they are potent relievers of emotional and physical pain.
Then, the Misfits were joined by Dr. Jack Rasmus. He’s a professor in both the economics and political science departments at St. Mary’s University, where he focuses on economic inequities. He’s most recently the author of the book "Epic Recession and Global Financial Crisis." He joins Michelle and John to discuss the latest report that dropped today indicating a surge in inflation. Dr. Rasmus points out that the recent spike in price inflation for fuel, meat and baked goods is a result of price gouging by monopolistic corporations. It is more about corporate greed than the narrative of supply shortages.
Next, Dr. Peter Kuznick called into the show. He’s a professor of history and director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington, and he’s an expert on 20th-century history. He’s the author of many books, including "The Untold History of the United States" and "Beyond the Laboratory: Scientists as Political Activists in 1930s America." Dr. Kuznick came on the show to discuss the historical context of NATO expansion into Eastern Europe and how we got to the recent tensions with Russia regarding Ukraine.
Ron Clewer, Illinois market president for Gorman & Company and affordable housing advocate, joined John and Michelle for the last segment of the show to talk about the recent escalation of home prices, as well as falling supply and lack of affordable housing. Clewer does not see the market turning back anytime soon, and says not only will the market continue to see a rise in demand for housing, but that the building of affordable housing is a workforce solution.
The Misfits close the program with a reminder to join us tomorrow, because it's Friday's Stories of the Weird!
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