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Despite Deaths, States Reopen to Ease Economic Woes Ahead of Midterms

Despite Deaths, States Reopen to Ease Economic Woes Ahead of Midterms
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about Americans suffering the consequences of the Fed printing too much money, ethical considerations of dropping mask mandates, and Biden snapping at Lester Holt after asking about his administration’s inflation failures.
Mark Frost - Economist | Biden’s Big Inflation Lie
Dr. Gene Olinger - Virologist | Ethical Considerations of Dropping Mask Mandates
Kim Iversen - Host of The Kim Iversen Show | Biden Snaps At Lester Holt Over Inflation Question
In the first hour, Mark Frost joined the show to talk about how Americans are suffering the consequences of the Federal Reserve overstimulating the economy, Biden touting his ‘transitory inflation’ lie, and how inflation hurts the poor the most.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Dr. Gene Olinger for a discussion on America lacking bipartisan leadership through the pandemic, if mask mandates are the right tool to combat skyrocketing deaths, and a new study out of the UK about immunity from vaccines.
In the third hour, Kim Iversen joined the conversation to talk about Joe Biden snapping at Lester Holt as his administration is getting flak for its handling of inflation. We also debated the effectiveness of mask policies and if now is the right time to drop them.
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