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Declassified Report Slams Biden as Indecisive During Afghanistan Exit

Declassified Report Slams Biden as Indecisive During Afghanistan Exit
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about Ukraine seeking any evidence of a supposed Russian invasion amid hysteria, the declassified report that condemns Biden as indecisive during his Afghanistan exit, and what's really happening inside the Freedom Convoy.
Matthew Ehret - Journalist | Amid Western Delirium, Ukraine Seeks Evidence of Impending Invasion
Faran Fronczak - Anchor for RT America | Biden Condemned For Flaky Response on Afghanistan
In the first hour, Matthew Ehret joined the show to talk about the increasing hysterics from Western spooks and media surrounding a so-called impending Russian invasion of Ukraine, repeated proxy meetings with Russia about Ukraine by European leaders, and the two nations organizing a prompt one-on-one meeting.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Faran Fronczak for a discussion on the double standard the U.S. abides by in order to ignore Russia's security demands and predictions for how the Russia-Ukraine crisis ends. We also talked about Biden's inability to give a straight answer after a declassified report reveals dangerous indecisiveness by his administration while exiting Afghanistan.
In the third hour, Jamarl and Austin took a look inside the Ottawa Freedom Convoy from the ground to see if the demonstrations are truly violent and hateful like mainstream media describes, what the consensus from local business owners and citizens is, and took your calls.
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