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Ukraine Watch, Ottawa Occupied, No War Wing of the GOP and Russiagate

Ukraine Watch, Ottawa Occupied, No War Wing of the GOP and Russiagate
Today, John talks about the latest out of Ukraine, Austin Pelli calls from Ottawa where he’s covering the Freedom Convoy, and then, breaking news about Russiagate.
Mark Sleboda, foreign affairs and policy analyst, joins the show at the top of the hour to break down the latest from diplomatic talks over the weekend. Today, President Putin met with Foreign Minister Lavrov and Defense Minister Shoygu to talk about de-escalation. Shoygu said that Russian troops are about to finish their military drills and will soon return to their permanent bases. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is asking the US for proof of Russian intentions because the US insistence that a Russian invasion is imminent is spreading panic in the country. Even airlines are canceling flights to Ukraine because they can’t get insurance to operate them.

Then, Austin Pelli, co-host of Fault Lines, which you can hear every day Monday through Friday, from 7:00a-10:00a ET here on Radio Sputnik, calls in from Ottawa, Canada, to give us an on-the-ground perspective covering the Freedom Convoy. Austin says that protesters are peaceful, keeping the streets clean and salted, contrary to media accounts of Confederate flags and trash.

Leila Mechoui, journalist and co-host of the Red Star Radio podcast, also called in from Ottawa. Leila talks about who is supporting the protest and those who remain opposed. She says that the Trudeau administration is planning to lift pandemic-related mandates as soon as February 28, but Trudeau is not saying that it has anything to do with pressure from protesters. Truckers protested a specific issue, and now that issue may be resolved soon.

Next, Daniel Mc Adams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, joins John to talk about the rising populist anti-war conservatism that is ascending within the GOP. John and Daniel discuss the primary season and the competitive Senate races. The redrawing of districts following the 2020 census and which senators are up for election will have an impact on how many and who turns out to vote this November.

For the last segment, Kevin Gosztola, journalist, writer for Shadowproof.com and co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure, joins the show. Remember Russiagate? John and Kevin discuss the recent news that Justice Department Special Prosecutor John Durham filed a motion on Friday related to potential conflicts of interest in connection with the case of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who has been charged with lying to the FBI. Sussman allegedly told the FBI that he was not acting on Hillary Clinton’s behalf when he gave the FBI documents that supposedly linked the Trump campaign to a Russian bank. But records show that he later billed the Clinton campaign for doing exactly that. The limited information that Durham has released so far indicates that nothing about Russiagate was true.
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