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Russia Withdrawal, Convoy Coup? Ethiopia Ends SOE and Sea Level Rise

Russia Withdrawal, Convoy Coup? Ethiopia Ends SOE and Sea Level Rise
The Misfits talk about Russia's drawdown of troops, protests continuing in Ottawa, sea levels projected to rise and Ethiopia ending its state of emergency.
At the top of the show, our guest is Dr. David Oualaalou, an International geopolitical consultant, global speaker, author, veteran & former international security analyst in Washington, DC. He’s the host of “Geopolitics in Conflict” on YouTube, Locals & Rumble, and founder of Global Perspective Consulting headquartered in Dallas, TX. His latest book is "The Dynamics of Russia’s Geopolitics: Remaking of the Global Order." He joins John and Michelle to break down the latest in Ukraine. The head of Russia’s delegation to the OSCE said this morning that the Russian bottom line is that Ukraine cannot and must not join NATO. But, we already know that France and Germany opposed Ukrainian membership in NATO, and all member countries have to vote unanimously to accept a new member. It remains unlikely that Ukraine would be eligible or become a member of NATO anytime soon, according to Dr. Oualaalou.
Pandemic-related mandates remain in effect until March as protests in Ottawa continue. Austin Pelli, co-host of Fault Lines, which you can hear every day, Monday through Friday, from 7:00a -10:00a ET on Radio Sputnik, called in from Ottawa to give the Misfits a breakdown of what’s happening on the ground. Austin says that protesters are preparing for an escalation by law enforcement over the weekend in an effort to motivate protestors to clear the capital space truckers have occupied since mid-January.
Leila Mechoui, journalist and co-host of the Red Star Radio podcast, also called in from Ottawa. The Misfits to talk about speculation that a group of protesters are preparing for a coup to overthrow the Canadian government. “The only people talking about overthrowing the government is the government,” Leila said.
Next, Tina Landis, environmental and social activist and the author of the book "Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism," joins Michelle and John to talk about a report on potential sea level rise issued Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, warning that sea levels will rise as much in the next 30 years as much as they did in the previous hundred. That means seas a foot higher, or as much as a foot and a half higher in the Gulf of Mexico on the coasts of Louisiana and Texas.
Morgan Artyukhina is a writer and news editor at Sputnik’s Washington, DC, bureau, focusing on international and breaking news, as well as covering military technology, the expanding neoliberal police state, and the ongoing struggles against it in the US and around the globe. Morgan meets up with John and Michelle in studio to talk about how Ethiopia's parliament yesterday voted for an early end to the country’s six-month-long state of emergency, indicating that the bloody conflict between the government and Tigrayan rebel forces was easing.
For the last segment, Sarah Sax joins the show. Sarah is an environmental journalist, with a focus to uncover the social, economic, and environmental forces driving large-scale land-use change and environmental injustice, with a focus on climate justice, gender, land and indigenous rights, and agricultural commodities. John and Michelle talk with Sarah about a hydroelectric plant slated to be built in the Pacific Northwest on sacred tribal land owned by the Yakama tribe.
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