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Textbook Projection From US State Dept. Weary of Russian 'False Flag'

Textbook Projection from U.S. State Dept. Weary of Russian 'False Flag'
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about the State Dept. projecting their history of false flag attacks onto Russia, if Trump can survive till 2024, AOC getting called out, and if prison reform is still possible in the US.
Matthew Ehret - Journalist | Textbook Projection from U.S. State Dept. Weary of Russian 'False Flag'
Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky - Presidential Historian | Can Trumpism Survive to 2024?
Keaten Mansfield - Political Analyst | AOC Called Out at Socialist Rally
Paul Wright - Prison Reform Activist | Democrats Posture on Prison Reform Ahead of Midterms
In the first hour Matthew Ehret joined the show to talk about the US whipping itself into a frenzy over purported deadlines of a Russian invasion into Ukraine, if State Department rumors of a Russian false flag attack is mere projection, and the US embassy in Ukraine accusing Russia of violating the Minsk agreements despite Ukraine refusing to sign on.
In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky for a discussion on the unprecedented rejection of the 2020 election, what historically healed widespread political division in America, and the future of the Republican party.
In the third hour Keaten Mansfield joined the conversation to talk about calling out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez at a Democratic Socialist rally in Austin about her lack of support for Venezuela and refusal to vote 'no' on funding Israeli weapon systems. We also talked to Paul Wright about why attention is only now being drawn to the dismal conditions inside US prisons and what America could do to lower their reincarceration rate.
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