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Ukraine Crisis is Part of a New Cold War with Russia and China; Is NATO a Dead Man Walking?

Ukraine Crisis is Part of a New Cold War with Russia and China; Is NATO a Dead Man Walking?
The US Empire is working to subordinate Europe and subvert its economic partnership with the new Eurasian superpowers.
Gerald Horne, professor of history at the University of Houston, author, historian, and researcher, joins me to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. The diplomatic meeting between Antony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov has been canceled. Also, we compare the current crisis in Ukraine to the NATO military attacks and border restructuring in Serbia, Yugoslavia, and Kosovo.
Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, joins me to discuss covid. Vaccine protection against the omicron variant was much weaker than previous variants. Also, there seems to be a significant number of people experiencing heart problems as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
KJ Noh, activist, writer, and teacher, joins me to discuss China. The US Empire is working to subordinate Europe and freeze its economic partnership with the new Eurasian superpowers. Also, China is expressing support for Russia during the standoff with NATO. China argues that the collective West should pay attention to Russia's demands for border security and work through diplomatic channels to resolve these issues.
Ted Rall, political cartoonist and syndicated columnist, joins me to discuss the assault on independent journalism in the West. Craig Murray is going back to court to address the distinction made between independent and traditional journalists during his trial. Also, Marine Le Pen has suspended her presidential bid.
Scott Ritter, former UN weapon inspector in Iraq, joins me to discuss NATO. Scott talks about the current crisis of security interests between the US empire and numerous members of NATO. Is the current crisis a signal that NATO is becoming a public relations nightmare that has outlived its usefulness?
Ajamu Baraka, former vice presidential candidate for the Green Party, joins me to discuss how the Ukraine crisis fits into the US empire's imperialist order. Ajamu argues that "the US empire's manufactured crisis in Ukraine cannot be separated from the drive for full spectrum dominance."
Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestine activist, joins me to discuss preventative detention. Our guest discusses the use of rules allowing detention without trial or adjudication throughout the US empire and its various vassal states.
Steve Ellner, an American scholar, retired professor at the Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela, and author of 12 books including his latest, entitled "Latin American Extractivism," joins me to discuss the Global South. Venezuela joins Cuba in formally announcing its support for Haiti in its quest to shake free from imperial control. Also, Juan Guaido's political support has crumbled as 100 members of his party have quit.
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