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Putin Calls the West an "Empire of Lies"

Putin Calls the West an "Empire of Lies"
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events including Ukraine calling for a no-fly zone, and California, Oregon, Washington to end school mask mandates.
Ian Shilling - Geopolitical Analyst, Researcher, and Blogger | COVID-19 Narratives, The New World Order, and British Citizens Allowed to Fight in Ukraine
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist, Syndicated Columnist | Hillary Clinton, Treason Accusations, and Ukraine Attempting to Join NATO
In the first hour, Lee and Carmine Sabia spoke with Ian Shilling about the Syrian war, Americans in Ukraine, and possible World War III. Ian discussed the news of British citizens in Ukraine and governments using COVID19 to grab more power. Ian spoke about the World Economic Forum and Ukraine President Zelensky
In the second hour, Lee and Carmine Sabia spoke with Ted Rall about the war in Ukraine, NATO, and Hillary Clinton calling for more censorship. Ted spoke about the NATO aggression and leftists calling for censorship. Ted talked about Hillary Clinton's ideology and the European Union banning RT.
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