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Ukraine's Zelensky Is No Hero

Ukraine's Zelensky Is No Hero
On this episode of Fault Lines, host Jamarl Thomas talks about Ukraine’s neo-fascist Azov Battalion using human shield tactics, the looming American recession as a result of economic incompetence, the situation on the ground in Donetsk, and Biden’s long game to bait Russia into war.
Mark Sleboda - International Security Analyst | Ukraine’s Neo-Fascist Azov Battalion Using Human Shield Tactics
Mark Frost - Economist | America’s Next Recession is Coming
Russell “Texas” Bentley - DPR Soldier | Why This Texan is Fighting for Donetsk
Tara Reade - Former Biden Aide | Biden’s Long Game to Bait Russia Into War
In the first hour Mark Sleboda joined the show to talk about Russia successfully encircling troops in Eastern Ukraine and Ukraine’s Azov Battalion resorting to humanitarian corridors to escape. We also talked about Zelensky’s rise to hero status despite conceding to the corrupt government he vowed to fight.
In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by Mark Frost for a discussion on about Biden’s ‘transitory inflation’ lie, America’s next recession as a result of economic incompetence, and looming economic blowback from counterproductive sanctions. We were also joined by Russell “Texas” Bentley to talk about his experience as an American fighting for the Donetsk People’s Republic and what the situation is like on the ground.
In the third hour Tara Reade joined the conversation to talk about Biden’s long history of Russophobia and his desire to bait Russia into collapse. We also talked about so-called peace activists pushing for a no-fly-zone over Ukraine, and took your calls.
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