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The Corporate Media Continue to Fuel The Russophobia Narrative

The Corporate Media Continue to Fuel The Russophobia Narrative
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Jamarl Thomas and Manila Chan discussed current events including Russia sanctioning Justin Trudeau, and a Fox News cameraman killed in Ukraine.
Scott Ritter - Former UN Weapons Inspector & WMD Whistleblower | No Attention on Yemen, Training Ukrainian Forces for Eight Years, and The Price to Join NATO
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist, Syndicated Columnist | Hunter Biden Sanctioned by Russia, Tik Tok Influencers Hired by The White House, and Is America Already Fascist?
In the first hour, Manila and Jamarl spoke with Scott Ritter about the Russian troop advantages, Ukraine's Constitution, and propaganda on social media. Scott discussed the weapons sent to Ukraine and America's footprint in Yemen. Scott spoke about the eight years of training for Ukrainian soldiers and President Zelensky's past support for Stepan Bandera.
In the second hour, Manila and Jamarl spoke with Ted Rall about Tik Tok, fascism in the United States, and the White House blaming inflation on President Putin. Ted spoke on the 2022 midterms and how the Democrats failed to explain inflation to the American public. Ted talked about the censorship of cartoonists and the history of propaganda.
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