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Boogaloo Boys Fight Russians in Ukraine

Boogaloo Boys Fight Russians In Ukraine
Biden’s call with Xi, censorship of RT in the UK and Hunter Biden’s Laptop Does Exist.
At the top of the show, KJ Noh, is a scholar, educator, and journalist focusing on the political economy and geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific. Noh is a member of Veterans for Peace joins the show to talk about BIden’s call with Chinese Xi today. They talk about how Biden is expected to ask Xi to use his influence to press Russia to end the war. The White House on the other hand is flooding Ukraine with large and small arms which are sure to prolong the conflict. Part of this message will certainly be to press China not to provide Russia with military aid.
Next, Dan Kovalik, labor attorney, human rights activist and author. His latest book is called Cancel This Book: The Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture joins the conversation. Kovalik and the Misfits talk about a judge in Scotland last year who made a very bold statement that was just made public yesterday. The judge refused to extradite a British prisoner to the state of Texas solely because of poor prison conditions which constituted an international violation of human rights. The case began when a Scottish national, Daniel McGee, shot a security guard in Austin and fled to Scotland. He was quickly caught and held pending extradition. But that won’t happen now.
Then, Jim Kavanagh, the editor of thepolemicist.net joins the conversation to talk about the Justice Department admitting to a federal judge that it had lost one of the January 6 defendants in jail. He somehow got lost in the system and because he was denied his day in court the feds must drop the charges against him. The prosecutor argued that they should be allowed to refile the charges. Attorneys ended up getting the defendant to plead guilty to assaulting a police officer as quickly as possible before the government could add different charges. And, they talk about the NYT report that Hunter Biden’s laptop does in fact exist.
For the last segment, Ford Fischer a primary source documentarian work in Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe winning films and Editor-in-chief, News2Share joins the show to talk about Michael Dunn who is a member of the Boogaloo movement. Dunn has recently joined the militia in Ukraine to fight the Russians. Fischer explains why Dunn believes he should join the battle and what difference he thinks he can make.
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