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US Invasion of Iraq 19 Years Later

U.S. Invasion of Iraq 19 Years Later
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Faran Fronczak talk about Russia using its military operation to demilitarize Ukraine rather than occupy them, Biden’s leaked phone call that reveals corruption at the highest level, and the US invasion of Iraq 19 years in retrospect.
Scott Ritter - Military Analyst | Russia Launches First Hypersonic Missile in Ukraine
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist | Should Lia Thomas Be Allowed in Women’s Swimming Competitions?
Daniel Burke - Former Senate Candidate | Biden Pushes China and Russia Even Closer Together
Dr. Ajamu Baraka - Spokesperson, Black Alliance for Peace | US Invasion of Iraq 19 Years Later
In the first hour, Scott Ritter joined the show to talk about Russia’s special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine rather than act as an occupying force, the actual power of Ukrainian troops, and why Russia would fire a hypersonic missile when they’re already in a strong spot militarily.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Ted Rall for a discussion on the biological differences women have to overcome when competing with transgender people in the same league and Biden’s leaked phone call with Ukraine’s former leader Petro Poroshenko that reveals corruption at the highest level.
In the third hour, Daniel Burke joined the conversation to talk about the end of the unipolar moment, China’s non-interventionist foreign policy throwing the US for a loop, and how China could respond to potential sanctions. We were also joined by Dr. Ajamu Baraka to talk about the US invasion of Iraq 19 years in retrospect and if Americans are more immune to propaganda after being told lies to justify war abroad.
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