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China Disagrees With G20 Removal of Russia

China Disagrees With G20 Removal of Russia
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including China rebuking the G20 removal of Russia, and Poland expelling forty-five Russian diplomats suspected of espionage.
Robert Inlakesh - Journalist, Writer, and Political Analyst | Anti-Russian Sentiment Growing, Israeli Support for Extremists in Ukraine, and Israel Labeled an Apartheid
Matt Savoy - Cofounder of The Free Thought Project | "Peacekeeper Troops", Russia Surrounded by NATO, and War Time Propaganda
In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Robert Inlakesh about Julian Assange, Israel seen as right-wing, and the public denial of neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Robert spoke on President Zelensky's Jewish heritage and Zelensky's support for extremist groups. Robert talked about the funding of Israeli nationalists in Ukraine and Israeli weapons sent to Azov Battalion.
In the second hour, Rachel spoke with Matt Savoy about NATO aggression towards Russia, Tucker Carlson attacked for his Ukraine reporting, and martial law in Ukraine. Matt discussed the Biden administration sending US troops to NATO countries and the forgotten history of NATO. Matt talked about the lack of transparency from the Biden administration and the US State Department discouraging peace in Ukraine.
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