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Fault Lines
From Washington DC - the capital of the divided states of America - it's time for a show that brings you both sides of the issues that the country is talking about. We battle it out, Monday through Friday, on a show that's explosive, informative and entertaining.

Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, Et Al. for Fake Russiagate Narrative

Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, Et Al. for Fake Russiagate Narrative
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Faran Fronczak talk about how the US created a pretext to invade Libya, Joe Biden looking to buy oil from Venezuela despite crippling the country with sanctions, and Donald Trump suing DNC demagogues for spreading the fake Russiagate story.
Scott Ritter - Military Analyst | Madeleine Albright Leaves a Legacy as a Warmongerer
Camila Escalante - Journalist | Biden Hopes Venezuela Forgets Crippling Sanctions in Making Oil Deal
Reese Everson - Attorney | Donald Trump Sues Hillary Clinton and Associates for Fake Russiagate Narrative
In the first hour, Scott Ritter joined the show to talk about Madeleine Albright’s legacy as a vicious warmongerer, how the US created a pretext for invading Libya and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, and China’s prospects of opening a military base on the Solomon Islands to get inside the West’s sphere of influence.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Camila Escalante for a discussion on Joe Biden begging Venezuela for oil even after sanctions crippled the country, the Latin American perspective on the US stoking the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and China’s investments into Latin America.
In the third hour, Reese Everson joined the conversation to talk about Donald Trump suing Hillary Clinton and associates for creating the fake Russiagate narrative and if Trump will be able to prove they intentionally spread a lie.
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