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US Promises More LNG, Trump vs Clinton, Politico Attacks Rumble

US Promises More LNG, Trump vs Clinton, Politico Attacks Rumble
Politico and others stand on shaky ground as they try to smear Sputnik shows using guilt by association.
Political theorist Kenneth Surin, professor emeritus of literature and professor of religion and critical theory at Duke University, joins Misfits John Kiriakou and Michelle Witte to discuss Joe Biden’s new position on sanctions, Europe’s scramble for energy, the stability of the EU’s relationship with China, and the surprising poverty of the UK.
Sputnik News correspondent Wyatt Reed reveals what the UK defense secretary told a prankster pretending to be the president of Ukraine. He also talks about the repercussions of a growing split between African, Southeast Asian and Latin American nations and “the West” when it comes to sanctioning Russia and China.
Tom Fitzpatrick, former long-time New York City judge, talks about Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton … and a lot of other people. He also breaks down Joe Biden’s poll numbers and some Senate races to watch.
Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News, discusses the odd phenomenon of the Pentagon and State Department releasing dueling leaks and whether this shows cracks in the administration. He also talks about censorship of state and independent media in the US, and what results from that.
The Misfits also talked about Politico’s latest hit piece on Sputnik, the Defense Production Act possibly being invoked to spur a green energy transition, and predictions for the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Oh, and some news of the weird!
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