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Weekly News Wrap Up; Russia Demands Rubles for Gas; NATO Says No Troops to Ukraine

Weekly News Wrap Up; Russia Demands Rubles for Gas; NATO Says No Troops to Ukraine
Russia has notified the EU that all "unfriendly nations" will be required to pay for gas in rubles and NATO has signaled that they will not send troops to Ukraine to avoid war with Russia.
Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to review the important stories for the week. President Biden is holding talks with NATO allies. Also, Senator Rand Paul is in favor of re-entering the Iran nuclear deal.
Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of history at the University of Houston, author, historian, and researcher, joins us to discuss Africa's people in the realigned world order after the Ukraine crisis.
Jim Kavanagh, writer at thepolemicist.net and Counter Punch and the author of "The American Farce Unravels: Shreds of January 6th," joins us to discuss this week's important stories. The Senate Supreme Court hearings are coming to an end after the arguments and discussions centered mostly on culture war and ideological items. Also, Arizona has passed a voting bill that could have dramatic effects on voting rights.
Dr. David Oualaalou, author and international security analyst, and Dan Kovalik, writer, author, and lawyer, join us to discuss international politics. There is some evidence that Pentagon insiders are pushing back against the US State Department neocon war hawks. Also, what did President Biden mean when he stated that there is going to be a new world order that the US must lead? We then discuss the US role in subverting Ukrainian democracy.
Dan Lazare, investigative journalist and author of "America's Undeclared War," and Scott Ritter, former UN weapon inspector in Iraq, join us to discuss this week's stories. NATO has announced that it will not send troops to Ukraine in a move to avoid war with Russia. Also, Russia has announced that they are selling gas to the EU in Rubles, President Biden announces that there will be food shortages, and Pentagon leaks debunk neocon myths.
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