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The Scope of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine Is Nothing to Downplay

The Scope of Neo-Nazism In Ukraine Is Nothing To Downplay
Political Prisoners Continue To Experience Repression, Justice For Thomas Sankara Achieved, The Rise of the Right Around The World
In this episode of By Any Means Necessary, hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by Jalil Muntaqim, an activist, former political prisoner and Black Panther and author of ‘We Are Our Own Liberators’ to discuss the censorship of his scheduled event at the State University of New York at Brockport and the continuing censorship of political prisoners even after their release, the many accusations lobbed at Muntaqim by police and elected officials to silence Muntaqim, the silencing of political prisoners and how that relates to efforts by the US to deny that it has political prisoners, and the platform that this attempt at censorship gave to his message of liberation and independence.
In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Aziz Fall, coordinator of the International Campaign for Justice for Sankara, to discuss the conviction and sentencing of Blaise Compaoré to life in prison for his role in the assassination of Burkina Faso President Thomas Sankara, the long, twenty-five struggle for justice for Thomas Sankara, the importance of this conviction and sentencing for Burkina Faso no matter the prospects of the extradition of Compaoré, how this fits into recent events that have chipped away at the Françafrique system and the everlasting legacy of Sankara, and what this means for Burkina Faso.
In the third segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Marc Steiner, Peabody Award-winning journalist and host of The Marc Steiner Show on The Real News Network to discuss the history of the right-wing radicals in the United States, how the right came to power in the US and around the world, and the role of war and imperialism in the rise of the right.
Later in the show, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Dr. Gabriel Rockhill, an organizer, founding director of the Critical Theory Workshop and professor of philosophy at Villanova University to discuss the history of Nazism and the glorification of Nazi collaborators in Ukraine and what power neo-Nazis have in Ukraine today, the propaganda apparatus that has kicked into overdrive and portrays Ukraine as in need of a savior from an evil Vladimir Putin and beats the drum of war, Volodymyr Zelensky’s part in the puzzle of Ukrainian cultural fascism and his contributions to its prominence, and how and why fascism has emerged out of capitalist states and in reaction to the popularity of socialism.
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