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Preparing for Something? Taiwan Releases War Survival Handbook for Civilians

© AP Photo / Chiang Ying-yingTaiwanese troops conduct military drills in January 2021
Taiwanese troops conduct military drills in January 2021 - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.04.2022
The publication of the handbook was not tied to any developments in relations between Taiwan and China, which considers the island its breakaway province. However, Taipei repeatedly expressed fears that Beijing might use its military to bring the province back into the fold.
Taiwan's All-Out Defence Mobilization Agency has published the country's first handbook of tips for surviving in case of an armed conflict in the country.
The war-times manual for civilians, made in the form of comic strips and pictures with tips, teach readers how to find the nearest bomb shelter using smartphone apps, how to get food and water and how to make a first aid kit. It also details how to distinguish and air raid siren and where one should seek shelter from incoming missiles.

"[We] are providing information on how citizens should react in a military crisis and possible disasters to come", All-Out Defence Mobilization Agency's official Liu Tai-yi has said.

The creators of the book drew inspiration from similar handbooks issued in Japan and Sweden and promised that the publication will be later updated with more localised information, such as sites of hospitals, shops for basic needs, as well as map of shelters.
Taipei made no recent announcements about China somehow planning to use the military against the island, which it considers a part of its territory. However, the island repeatedly expressed fears that Beijing might resort to it one day. At the same time, Taiwan recently raised its alert level and disclosed plans to reform its approach to training for reserve forces.
Namely, the island's military want to extend the compulsory military service beyond the four-month course, which the conscripts go through nowadays.
Over the past year, Taipei repeatedly reported scrambling its fighter jets to escort Chinese aircraft travelling close to the island's airspace. The US, which recently agreed to supply modern weapons, including drones, to Taiwan, cautioned China against using its military to bring the breakaway province back into its fold although Washington noted that it would not be sending military to fight for Taipei if it happens.
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