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Twitter Implements the "Poison Pill" Strategy, Slowing the Elon Musk Takeover

Twitter Implements the "Poison Pill" Strategy, Slowing the Elon Musk Takeover
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events including Twitter's board of directors blocking Elon Musk from purchasing Twitter, and US Intelligence agencies unable to support claims of Russia committing genocide in Ukraine.
Jason Goodman - Founder of Crowdsource the Truth | More Frank James Shooting Information, Frank James Arrested, and Social Media Companies Hosting Calls for Violence
Jamarl Thomas - Cohost of Fault Lines | Defense Intelligence Agency Confirms UFOs, Teleportation, and Abductions
Nebojsa Malic - Investigative Journalist, Blogger, and Author | Comparing the Bosnia Conflict to War in Ukraine, Color Revolutions
In the first hour, Lee spoke with Jason Goodman about the aftermath of the NYC train shooting, lawlessness in New York City, and questions surrounding Frank James's surveillance photo. Jason discussed the Frank James story and the claim of New York City's subway cameras being out of service. Jason talked about Youtube allowing hateful videos posted by Frank James and how the 2020 riots still affect America.
Lee spoke with Jamarl Thomas about the Pentagon's UFO report, advanced technologies, and unexplained pregnancies. Jamarl discussed the recent Pentagon report on advanced technology and medical reports of human biological injuries.
In the second hour, Lee and Tyler Nixon spoke with Nebjosa Malic about the conflict in Ukraine, the media support of Joe Biden, and President Clinton's history with Bosnia. Neboja discussed the Western reports on the hostilities in Ukraine and President Biden's corruption in Ukraine. Nebjosa spoke on his comparison of Bosnia's war and the situation in Ukraine.
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