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Pelosi in Ukraine, Hunger in the US, Censorship and “Disinformation”

Pelosi in Ukraine, Hunger in the US, Censorship and “Disinformation”
Consortium News is the latest independent outlet to see its fundraising avenues blocked, but they won’t be the last.
Misfits John Kiriakou and Michelle Witte are joined by international geopolitical consultant, former international security analyst, author, and veteran Dr. David Oualaalou to talk about the EU’s struggle to agree on a new sanctions package on Russia, what sanctions are actually intended to do and who is really paying for this war, how the US will cobble together its next Ukraine aid bill, what role Iran could play in the global energy crisis, and the dangerous discussions about nuclear weapons the war in Ukraine is raising.
Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News, discusses the throttling of independent media and PayPal’s seizure of Consortium News funds. He explores what information is deemed to be dangerous these days, and what recourse small media organizations might have in going up against fintech giants.
Journalist and author Dan Lazare discusses the vague justifications the US government wants to use to seize Russian assets and why we should be very suspicious of them. He also gets into how long the US economy can continue to function as its residents’ spending power is eroded, whether the Federal Reserve will be able to execute the “soft landing” it seeks, and how significant the BDS movement should be.
Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, discusses the danger of introducing a use of force authorization for Ukraine, the danger of eliminating debate in media, and what future Republicans have without Donald Trump.
The Misfits also talked about the death of Kathy Boudin, the newest Amazon union vote, and some of their favorite bloodsuckers.
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