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UK Sanctions Journos, Covid & Hunger, Location Data & Abortion Clinics

UK Sanctions Journos, Covid & Hunger, Location Data & Abortion Clinics
Why are the only challenges to Homeland Security’s dystopian new Disinformation Board coming from the right?
Misfits John Kiriakou and Michelle Witte are joined by author and journalist Arnold August to discuss the UK’s new sanctions on Russian individuals, Spain’s expulsion of a Ukrainain blogger for treason, the US bragging about killing Russian generals, the hypocrisy of tarring India as an “economic opportunist” and how a disabled Canadian woman came to apply for assisted suicide because her state support was insuffient to provide her a life of any comfort or dignity.
Cornell University professor Dr. Robert Hockett, senior counsel at Westwood Capital and a fellow at The Century Foundation, talks about US efforts to curb inflation, the unfettered price gouging Americans are being subjected to, the relationship between consumer spending and economic contraction, the stock market bloodletting, and the latest corporate tax giveaways making their way through Congress.
Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist discusses the WHO’s new covid death estimates, what indirect deaths should tell us about how we handled the pandemic, and how to respond to simultaneous reports of significantly increased hunger in much of the world, but surging obesity in others.
Technologist and editor of Tech for the People Chris Garaffa talks about SafeGraph and the dangers of collecting and selling data on location and fertility. They also get into the CDC’s data collection and El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment.
The Misfits also talked about a pivotal vote for Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, Representative Madison Cawthorn’s latest embarrassing video and Drake’s social media shenanigans.
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