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UK Nixes Negotiations? Tribal Courts Vs. US Gov Courts, Homelessness

UK Nixes Negotiations? Tribal Courts Vs. US Gov Courts, Homelessness
Some economic indicators paint a rosy picture, but will they be enough to buoy Democrats in the midterms?
Misfits John Kiriakou and Michelle Witte are joined by international affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda to discuss whether we will look back to these days as the beginning of World War III, whether Belarus and Moldova will be drawn into the armed conflict in Ukraine sooner rather than later and the viability of past negotiation efforts. He brings an update on fighting in Azovstal, a prediction of what a future Ukraine might look like and a prediction about potential conflict over Taiwan.
John Kane, Mohawk activist and educator, host of the Let's Talk Native Podcast and co-host of Resistance Radio on WBAI Pacifica Radio, discusses some ongoing cases being fought by tribal governments in US courts and the logical backflips required to make sense of the intersection of US and tribal law. He also gets into how native communities could be affected by the end of federal abortion protections and the dangerous precedent set by the state of New York’s coercive tactics in its fight with Seneca nation.
Joel Segal, national campaign director for the National Coalition For the Homeless’ “Bring America Home Now Campaign,” discusses the state of homelessness in the US and the factors driving this growing problem. He offers some more realistic figures for the true homeless population in the country and outlines the comprehensive approach that will be needed to actually end this human tragedy in such a wealthy nation.
Producer Rae Valencia joins for a discussion of the American political landscape and a look ahead at some of the most illustrative or important upcoming electoral campaigns.
The Misfits also talked about the explosion in central Havana, the difficulty of allowing time limits on abortion, ALU President Chris Smalls’ appearance in front of the Senate Budget Committee, the new White House press secretary, and news of the weird.
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