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Finland Joining NATO, Apple Out Aramco In, Indian Boarding School Deaths and Plastic in the Ocean

Finland Joining NATO, Apple Out Aramco In, Indian Boarding School Deaths and Plastic in the Ocean
Crypto crashing Bitcoin dips below a 30k threshold, inflation rates fall slightly and a surge in producer prices.
Jim Jatras, Former US diplomat, and former senior foreign policy advisor to the Senate Republican Leadership joins the show to talk about Finland’s president and prime minister yesterday announced their support for the country’s effort to join NATO. Then the Misfits talk about the recent NOPEC bill and OPEC’s near monopoly on the determination of oil prices. They discuss what would happen if the bill passed whether it would be good for the US and a disaster for the UAE.
Darren Thompson, reporter for Native News Online and Unicorn Riot joins the show to talk about the US Department of the Interior released a report yesterday on its initial efforts to comprehensively uncover and compile the horrors inflicted on Native communities, and in particular on Native children, through the boarding school program that lasted more than a century.
Dan Lazare, Journalist and Writer joins the Misfits to talk about crashing crypto, conflicting reports about the economy: inflation is slightly down while producer prices are surging. Then they talk about a year ago, we saw news reports that the FBI was investigating parents in suburban Loudoun County, Virginia who spoke out against mask mandates at school board meetings. Turns out, not only was it true but the parents were being investigated by the FBI’s counterterrorism unit. Then they talk about the political fallout from the leaked Supreme Court draft.
Ali Al Ahmed, is a Saudi scholar and expert on Saudi political affairs including: terrorism, Islamic movements, Wahhabi Islam, Saudi political history, Saudi-American relations, and the al-Saud family history. He is a writer, and public speaker on Saudi political issues joins Michelle and John to talk about the current economic tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia. They talk about what inflation in the US coupled with high gas prices are doing for Saudi Arabia and to the political relationship between the US, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.
The Misfits close the program with a discussion about golf champion Greg Norman who attempted to dismiss questions over the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate as a “mistake,” adding the Saudi government “wants to move forward.” Norman was speaking at a promotional event in the UK for a Saudi backed golf tournament the LIV Golf Invitational Series. The 67-year-old is chief executive of LIV Golf Investments, funded primarily by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.
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