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EU Buying Russian Gas, The Politics of Climate Change, Privatizing Medicare and News of the Weird

EU Buying Russian Gas, The Politics of Climate Change, Privatizing Medicare and News of the Weird
North Korea reported its first Covid death and they are not participating in any international vaccination programs; no one is vaccinated.
Aaron Good, Political scientist and host of the American Exception podcast on Patreon. His doctoral dissertation is going to published by Skyhorse in April under the title 'American Exception: Empire and the Deep State’ joins the show to talk about recent reports confirming civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon adamantly denies that large numbers of civilians are killed in bomb, missile, and drone strikes. But then they admit it, apologize, and frequently pay survivors when caught. And, then the Misfits talk about how most European Union countries have stopped buying gas and oil from Russia, they’re buying gas and oil on the gray market or the secondary market knowing that it originated in Russia.
Tina Landis, Environmental and social activist and the author of the book Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism joins the conversation to talk about the politics of climate change. A recent investigation into plans the fossil fuel industry has for the near future. They aren’t contracting, or spending money launching new cleaner energy projects, but instead, launching new oil and gas extraction projects. According to this report, the industry’s short-term expansion plans involve the start of oil and gas projects that will produce greenhouse gases equivalent to a decade of CO2 emissions from China, the world’s biggest polluter.
Bill Honigman, Retired Emergency Physician and California State Coordinator and Healthcare Issue Team Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America PDA talks about the ongoing privatization of even the few protected areas of health care in the US, and why the Biden administration is inviting Wall Street into Medicare while promising to kick the biggest financial institutions out of the nursing home industry.
Rae Valencia, Sputnik news analyst and producer for Political Misfits joins the show to break down the latest polls ahead of Tuesday’s primaries in Pennsylvania, Idaho and North Carolina. They discuss how the economics of abortion and the reversal of Roe v. Wade could effect voter turn-out.
The Misfits close with News of the Weird.
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