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Weekly News Wrap up; Inflation at 40 Year High; Finland Makes Dangerous Decision; Biden Polls Sink

Weekly News Wrap up; Inflation at 40 Year High; Finland Makes Dangerous Decision; Biden Polls Sink
Finland has signaled that it plans to join NATO in a move that assures reciprocal action from the Russian Federation.
Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to review the important stories for the week. The US State Department has changed its website indicating a more hawkish stance on Taiwan. Also, we review NATO's history of courting and supporting fascism and the Biden administration's attempt to restrict the "Summit of America's" to compliant nations.
Gerald Horne, Professor of History at the University of Houston, TX, author, and historian, joins us to discuss this week's important stories. The Biden administration is attempting to continue its aggression toward China as the Ukraine crisis threatens to spiral out of control. Also, a controversial bill to give 40 billion dollars to the Ukraine war effort is stalled and a new world economic order is coming into vision.
Linwood Tauheed, Associate professor of Economics, University of Missouri-Kansas City joins us to discuss the economy. Inflation is at a 40-year high and the Federal Reserve is threatening to raise interest rates and trigger a recession. Also, a GOP Senator is calling for the US to decouple its economy from China and we discuss US money for the Ukraine crisis.
Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and Scott Ritter, former UN weapon inspector in Iraq, join us to discuss international politics. The Biden administration is bringing the world closer than ever to a threat of nuclear annihilation. Also, Finland announces its intention to join NATO, the threat of a polish intervention in Ukraine grows, and Chinese President Xi has spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron regarding bringing an end to the Ukraine conflict.
Jim Kavanagh, writer at thepolemicist.net and Counter Punch, and the author of "Over the Rainbow: Paths of Resistance after George Floyd" and Steve Poikonen, national organizer for Action4Assange, join us to discuss this week's stories. The chair of the "disinformation governance board" has proposed allowing certain Twitter users to police the platform. Also, we discuss the current authoritarian state of Western liberalism, President Biden's administration viewed through the context of the Ukrainian conflict, and conservative pushback against the
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