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Ukraine Peace Process Frozen, Fetal Personhood, Elites Meet in Davos and Elections in Colombia

Ukraine Peace Process Frozen, Fetal Personhood, Elites Meet in Davos and Elections in Colombia
ExxonMobil cannot use a free speech statute to duck a climate change suit brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General, the state's top court ruled, finding that the law in question applies to private suits but not public enforcement actions.
Mark Sleboda, International affairs and security analyst joins the show to break down the latest developments from Ukraine. Russian troops continue to advance in eastern Ukraine and to tighten control in the Crimea. And, the Russian Foreign Ministry said today that peace talks with Ukraine are “frozen” and are not taking place.
Kim Keenan, Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Former General Counsel of the NAACP joins the show to talk about Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law earlier this week that bans nearly all abortions beginning at the moment of fertilization. There are exceptions to protect the life of the mother, and for rape and incest, but only if those are reported to the police in advance. Then the Misfits and Keenan talk about the Supreme Court ruling this week that federal judges cannot determine guilt for people convicted of state crimes, even when those people are obviously innocent.
Jodie Evans, Cofounder of Code Pink joins the show to talk about the billionaire meeting in Davos Switzerland this week. They talk about a report that compares the economic growth of capitalist and socialist countries. Comparing 123 countries, covering 97 percent of the world’s population and using statistics mostly from the World Bank, the study clearly found that all physical quality of life measures improved as economic development increased, and that in 28 of 30 comparisons between countries at similar levels of economic development, socialist countries showed better outcomes. Then the Misfits and Evans talk about the recent US military aid packages which continue to extend and escalate the conflict in Ukraine. CodePink addresses the issue of the global arms trade, calling on the US to end arms sales and saying any economy that relies on selling weapons is doomed to fail its people.
Denis Rogatyuk is a writer, journalist, political analyst and researcher based in Latin America. He's written for Tribune, Green Left Weekly, TeleSUR, LINKS, International Viewpoint, and other publications and joins the program to talk about the election in Colombia on Sunday. Populism, a desire for change, marks Colombia’s presidential votes. And, they discuss El Salvador extending its “state of exception” - an emergency decree that suspends many civil liberties in the name of cracking down on gang violence.
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