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Inflation 40 Year High, Water & National Security, Egbert v. Boule Ruling and News of the Weird

Inflation 40 Year High, Water & National Security, Egbert v. Boule Ruling and News of the Weird
IPS Executive Excess 2022 report found that the average gap between CEO and median worker pay rose again last year to 670 to 1
Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst joins the show to talk about the end of the Ankara talks. Many issues were raised, from sanctions, to Turkey’s planned incursion into Syria, to security in the Black Sea, to grain exports. They discuss what conclusions could be drawn from the talks. And, whether there is anything tangible that either side walked away with. Meanwhile, the US has been warning African countries, many of which are facing their worst food shortages since the famines of the 1980s, against buying grain making its way to the continent on Russian ships, claiming that it has been stolen from Ukraine.
Steve Grumbine, Founder and CEO of the nonprofits Real Progressives and Real Progress in action and host of the podcast Macro n Cheese. He's also a leading activist and evangelist for Modern Monetary Theory joins the show to talk about the implication of the surge in inflation and consumer spending. The Misfits explore how long and deep the anticipated economic recession will be this year.
Kim Keenan, adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Former General Counsel of the NAACP joins the show to breakdown the Jan6 hearings aired live on prime time television carried by all major networks except Fox News. Then they talk about the Supreme Court decision on Monday related to the ability of private citizens to sue federal law enforcement officers. And, they discuss recent reports that the police chief of the Uvalde School District continues to defend the actions of his officers who stood outside the school for 70 minutes while a gunman was inside murdering 19 children and two adults.
Guy McPherson, Scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona joins the show to talk about the Biden administration recently unveiled an action plan for global water security. The report seems to be the first to connect water as a resource tied to national security.
It's Friday and time for News of the Weird.
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