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Biden to Visit Saudi Arabia Meet MBS, Consortium News and NewsGuard, AFL-CIO and Government Funding

Biden to Visit Saudi Arabia Meet MBS, Consortium News and NewsGuard, AFLCIO and Government Funding
Amazon Paid its CEO 6,474 Times More Than Its Median Worker Last Year
Dr. David Oualaalou, geopolitical consultant, global speaker, author, veteran & former security analyst in Washington, DC. He’s the host of “Geopolitics in Conflict” Show on YT. Dr. Oualaalou joins the show to talk about new legislation post Brexit. The new bill would remove blanket checks on goods moving between Britain and Northern Ireland, instead creating “green lanes” with little paperwork and “red lanes” with more scrutiny. It also demands that trade disputes be resolved by “independent arbitration” and not the European Court of Justice.
Joe Lauria, Editor-in-Chief of Consortium News and author of "How I Lost By Hillary Clinton,” joins the show to talk about Consortium News, the Grayzone, and Mint Press News, which have been accused of being Russian propagandists. Paypal has permanently frozen all three outlets’ accounts. A company called NewsGuard has placed an electronic tag on The Grayzone and Mint Press News, calling it “unreliable.” They’re threatening to do the same to Consortium News. And, recently-leaked emails from a British journalist show that Nina Jankowicz, who had been appointed to head the federal government’s ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board, said that Consortium News was made up of useful idiots.
Kevin Gosztola, journalist, writer for Shadowproof.com and co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure joins the conversation to talk about the police chief of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho held a press conference yesterday to discuss the arrest of 31 members of a white supremacist group who had traveled to the city from all over the country to disrupt a Pride Day parade. And, the Misfits talk about a hedge fund billionaire who is going to try to unseat Rep Rashida Tlaib and others like her in the Democratic primaries. They discuss how special interests aligned with establishment democrats to unseat progressives is risky business.
Thomas O’Rourke, Carol Lang, and Steve Zeltzer, are journalists who have been researching and educating the public about the relationship between the US government and the AFLCIO. The AFL-CIO has long been known as the AFL-CIA because of its history of anti-communism and its support for US foreign policy. The AFL-CIO accepts $75 million a year from the government for international operations through its Solidarity Center. The Misfits discuss what this money is used for. Why has much of what the AFL-CIO has done over the years remained secret? Why is there so little transparency?
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