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Assange Extradition Ruling, Colombia Votes, Sick Farm Animals, Jan 6, Border Patrol & Child Migrants

Assange Extradition Ruling, Colombia Votes, Sick Farm Animals, Jan6, Border Patrol & Child Migrants
Stock market declines accelerated this week. Crash alert for Crypto Currencies!
Wyatt Reed, Sputnik News Correspondent joins the show to talk about Colombia where a runoff presidential election is to take place on Sunday. Senator Gustavo Petro faces off against conservative black horse Rodolfo Hernandez. Reed and Witte talk about the candidates and whether they have changed their campaign tactics for the runoff. Then they talk about Julian Assange’s extradition to the US approved by the British government and what happens next.
Jim Goodman, Board President of the National Family Farm Coalition joins the show to talk about reports by the Guardian which found that more than 20 million farm animals in the US die before they can even be slaughtered - dying in the horrific transport conditions they endure. Looking at publicly available data, they found that approximately 20 million chickens, 330,000 pigs and 166,000 cattle are dead on arrival, or soon after, at abattoirs in the US every year.
Brian Wright, California attorney and former radio talk show host joins the show to break down the latest developments from the Jan6 hearings on Capitol Hill. Witte and Wright talk about how serious a case is the committee able to build against Trump. As it becomes clearer Trump was pressuring, in this case, Mike Pence to do something even his own aides said Pence didn’t have the power to do, it becomes harder to say that what happened on January 6 was just a shambles. But what if any criminal charges could credibly stick to the president at this point, even just in theory?
Ted Rall, award winning political cartoonist, columnist, and author, his latest book is "The Stringer, “and co-host of the DMZ America podcast with Ted Rall & Scott Stantis joins the show. They start the conversation with the latest from Afghanistan. The Taliban retook the country and its government with great speed nearly a year ago, and the Biden administration cut off aid to the country and refused to recognize its government. The World Bank and the EU did the same and so Afghanistan’s billions of dollars in foreign assets sit frozen. Then they talk about Biden officials taking a second look at whether the federal government could send rebate cards out to millions of American drivers to help them pay at gas stations. Aides had found that shortages in the U.S. chip industry would make it hard to produce enough rebate cards, two people familiar with the matter said.
Maru Mora Villalpando, Founder of La Resistencia, community organizer and immigrant activist joins the show to talk about a piece in Politico Magazine on Thursday, in collaboration with the Marshall Project, reported that since early 2017 one of every three people held in a Border Patrol facility was a minor. That’s a far bigger share than has previously been reported before.
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