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Israeli Government in Collapse, Tanzania Evicts Maasai People, Arms to Ukraine and Jan6 Hearings

Israeli Government In Collapse, Tanzania Evicts Maasai People, Arms to Ukraine and Jan6 Hearings
A bipartisan panel of health experts calls for the expansion of the federal government’s role in the public health system
Jonathan Kuttab, is a co-founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and co-founder of Nonviolence International joins the show to talk about the latest developments in Israel. The Israeli government collapsed Monday and Prime Minister Naftali Bennet said that the Knesset will be dissolved by the end of next week. The move will lead to Israel’s fifth national election in just three years. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing felony corruption charges, but has refused to leave politics, is leading in the polls as the top choice for Prime Minister.
Abayomi Azikiwi, Editor of the Pan-African Newswire joins the show to talk about The Tanzanian government wants to evict at least 150,000 Maasai people - an indigenous, semi-nomadic group who traditionally rely on cattle for their livelihoods and sustenance. Now, a lot of Maasai people are employed as guards for wildlife tourism businesses as well. The Maasai in Tanzania have been allowed to live within the parks the government has created on their traditional land but there has been conflict in that process and that conflict is increasing at the moment.
Dan Kovalik, labor attorney, human rights activist, and author. His latest book is called Cancel This Book: The Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture joins the conversation. They begin with a discussion about Washington’s selective vision when it comes to what are war crimes and where and who should be responsible in areas of conflict. Then they talk about Turkey in the middle. Turkey is playing every side of the fence not trying to upset the West or the Russians and maintaining their interest in the region. Then the Misfits talk about Texas Tribune last night dropped an in-depth timeline, with video footage and transcripts, of what played out in and around Robb Elementary on the day a shooter killed 21 people inside the school. It shows a growing collection of officers who seem to have no idea who is in charge or who their orders are coming from.
Kim Keenan, adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Former General Counsel of the NAACP joins the show to break down the latest evidence presented by the Jan6 House Select Committee about what it could mean for Trump and Republicans ahead of the 2024 presidential election.
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