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Special Counsel Condemns Russiagate, Strikes Around Kiev

Special Counsel Condemns Russiagate, Strikes Around Kiev
Special Counsel John Durham has issued his final report into the origins of Russiagate, with scathing words for the FBI.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the destruction of Patriot missile systems in Kiev and how the strike relates to the expected counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces.
Adjunct professor of law and former general counsel of the NAACP Kim Keenan discusses the Justice Department pressuring the IRS on how to manage the Hunter Biden case, primary pollsters not including declared competitors to President Joe Biden, key local elections to watch this week, and murmurs around a possible presidential run by Senator Joe Manchin.
Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party Darryl Moch discusses the Congressional hearing on public safety in the District of Columbia, what to expect from Mayor Muriel Bowser during her testimony, DC's falling homicide closure rate, and the fight to reform DC’s criminal code.
Scholar, educator, and journalist KJ Noh discusses the final report from Special Counsel John Durham concluding that the Trump-Russia probe was “seriously deficient,” Democrats continuing to insist that Donald Trump is controlled by Moscow, what role the Russiagate fervor had in driving the conflict in Ukraine to a head, what results from demonizing entire nations, what former British PM Liz Truss is going to do in Taiwan, and whether Chinese diplomats meeting with the Ukrainian president in Kiev could signal a cooldown in global tensions.
The Misfits also discuss further culture war fights over beer advertisements, the discovery of a pit of hands in Egypt, and Elon Musk being subpoenaed over communications with deceased financier and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein.
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