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Tensions in Niger, US Inflation, Guatemala Crisis

Tensions in Niger, US Inflation, Guatemala Crisis
The American gerontocracy continues to embarrass itself, and another former intelligence official pops up in media content moderation.
International geopolitical consultant Dr. David Oualaalou joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss what appears to be the end of France in Africa, rising tensions in Niger as the country’s police are asked to eject the French ambassador, European worries about losing control in West Africa, how Ukraine is faring on the battlefield, what to make of the Ukrainian president’s recent remarks on election funding, whether an alternative Black Sea grain deal can be forged, and the significance of Washington’s latest transfer of military equipment to Taiwan.
Editor of the Pakistan Daily Hamza Azhar Salam discusses former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s success in an appeals court, if Khan is likely to be removed from Pakistan, how Pakistan relates to BRICS and why they haven’t been considered for membership.
Economist and Modern Monetary Theory evangelist Steve Grumbine discusses new inflation numbers, Senators Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein’s health issues and how they relate to the issue of aging members of Congress, how former President Donald Trump is being turned into a fall guy for financial criminals, the conditions that might lead the US to a possible autoworkers strike in September, and the failure of federal disaster relief as residents in Florida and Maui wait for assistance.
International Director of El Ciudadano Denis Rogatyuk discusses the brewing political crisis in Guatemala, as the country certifies the election victory of progressive Bernardo Arevalo, but the outgoing administration attempts to suspend his political party. He talks about the attorney general’s history of lawfare, what Arevalo won’t be able to do without a party in Congress, where he might look for support, and how the question of Taiwan could prove influential in his political fate.
The Misfits also discuss the sentencing of Florida Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs, why France is getting testy about an eyeball-scanning cryptocurrency, and hypocrisy in Washington’s positions on Haiti.
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