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Biden's Handling of Gaza Crisis Adversely Affects His Support Among Arab Americans

Biden's Handling of Gaza Crisis Adversely Affects His Support Among Arab Americans
In today's episode we talk about nuclear proliferation, President Biden's approval rating, migrant crisis in New York City and other stories.
Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, joins us to discuss the actions of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services. Ray says he watched the Senate Committee on Armed Services hearing and it was deceitful - the group argued that the money for Ukraine and Israel is really going to American workers. Ray McGovern can't help but wonder if members of the Committee are corrupt or stupid.
Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss nuclear proliferation. Russian President Putin has signed the bill to revoke the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). Mark Sleboda says that President Putin had to act because the US pulled out of a number of treaties and he found it necessary for Russia to reciprocate. As China and the US prepare to hold consultations on arms control and nuclear non-proliferation in Washington next week, Mark notes that Russia and China are both confronting the US on the issue of nuclear proliferation.
Rachel Blevins, journalist and host of The Backstory, joins us to discuss domestic politics. The House vote to censure Rashida Tlaib has failed. Rachel Blevins says that it feels like we are in this world of Islamophobic versus anti-Semitic rhetoric. Basically, Tlaib was not allowed to condemn an act that she felt was wrong.
Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report and author of "Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents", joins us to discuss New York City mayor Eric Adams and the ongoing migrant crisis. Mayor Adams may be in a spat with the White House as he had to cancel his Washington DC meetings and go back to New York when his fundraising Chief was raided by the FBI. Margaret Kimberly thinks that the people around the Mayor are horrible and he has a record of ethical problems in his orbit.
KJ Noh, peace activist, writer, and teacher, joins us to discuss Asia. The Philippines is exiting the Belt and Road Initiative. KJ Noh says that this is a foolhardy move and the Philippine leader has put all of his chips on a losing bet. Belt and Road Initiative is the largest construction project on the planet. Also, the Philippines has a long history of being a playground for US imperialism.
Anya Parampil, documentarian and journalist for The Grayzone, joins us to discuss Joe Biden. Biden has sunk to Hillary Clinton level approval ratings, to an all-time low of 17 percent. Anya Parampil says that the situation in Gaza has spiraled out of control and given us devastating images of war that are driving President's numbers down. She says that Arab Americans are leaving him in droves.
Steve Poikonen, host of AM WakeUp & SlowNewsDay live on Rokfin & Rumble, joins us to discuss censorship and Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden has written an op-ed about his addiction. Steve Poikonen says that Hunter Biden is working to protect his father.
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