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Specs of Kheibar Shekan Missile Iran Uses to Strike Terror Targets

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fired four Kheibar Shekan ('Castle Buster' or 'Fortress Buster') ballistic missiles at terror targets in a jihadist-controlled province of Syria on Monday night, with the missiles flying at least 1,230 km to reach their destinations. Here are the missile's characteristics.
First unveiled in 2022, the Kheibar Shekan is powered by a solid fuel rocket engine, meaning quick preparation for launch and reduced maintenance requirements compared to liquid-fueled missiles.
The missile is named in honor of the 628 CE Battle of Kheibar (also spelled Khaybar) between followers of the Prophet Muhammad and Jewish tribesmen who had barricaded themselves in a series of forts at an oasis in the northwestern Arabian Peninsula after fleeing Judea following the Jewish-Roman wars. Despite being outnumbered nearly ten to one, Muhammad's forces routed the defenders, cementing his reputation as a great military commander. After the battle, the surviving tribesmen and their families were allowed to continue living in the region in exchange for payment of tribute to the Muslim leader, a practice which would later become commonplace.
The Kheibar-Shekan is one of nearly three dozen domestically-developed and produced tactical, short and medium-range ballistic and cruise missiles in Iran's arsenal.
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