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Possible NATO Corps Deployment to Ukraine May Become 'Suicide Mission for Those Troops'

© AFP 2023 / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOVServicemen drive armoured vehicles as they take part in the NATO "Noble Blueprint 23" joint military exercise at the Novo Selo military ground, northwestern Bulgaria, on September 26, 2023.
Servicemen drive armoured vehicles as they take part in the NATO Noble Blueprint 23 joint military exercise at the Novo Selo military ground, northwestern Bulgaria, on September 26, 2023.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.02.2024
No 10’s ostensible idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine has nothing to do with reality, experts told Sputnik.
The UK has urged its NATO allies to consider sending the alliance's expeditionary force to Ukraine, an informed source told Sputnik. According to the source, the alleged move came "in connection with the unfavorable developments in the Ukrainian theater of military operations for Kiev".
The insider added that Britain also called on NATO to consider imposing a no-fly zone over the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime and to increase military aid to Ukraine.

''The UK’s reported plans about deploying NATO’s expeditionary corps to Ukraine is "a fantastical delusion on the part of the Brits and has no foundation in reality," retired CIA intelligence officer and State Department official Larry Johnson told Sputnik.

“But just because the Brits are insane does not mean Russia can ignore them. It is a serious proposal,” he added.
Johnson was partly echoed by Matthew Gordon-Banks, an international relations consultant, former member of Parliament and retired senior research fellow at the UK Defence Academy, who said he didn't think the rumors of a NATO force in Ukraine should be taken seriously.

"The suggestions I have heard are quite unrealistic at present," Gordon-Banks stated.

Asked to comment on the "unfavorable development of events" for Kiev on the battlefield, he emphasized that "things are collapsing in Kiev quite quickly".
"[Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky has not been able to fire his top general, and I think he is now very much a 'lame duck' president," Gordon-Banks argued, referring to the commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces, Valery Zaluzhny.
The same tone was struck by Earl Rasmussen, a retired US Army lieutenant colonel turned geopolitical and military affairs consultant, who warned that if the information about London's plans is true, and "if this is somebody's dream, it could quickly become a nightmare for British and NATO forces.

"But it is not a realistic solution or proposal. Russia has complete air dominance, escalatory dominance, logistical dominance, ammunition dominance. This would be catastrophic for any UK forces and definitely would show a symbol of direct NATO involvement, which could really be dangerous, as far as escalation goes," Rasmussen emphasized, noting that "the British forces would probably be wiped out, fairly rapidly."

The US Army veteran suggested that someone in the UK military might be having "some type of delusional experience" for even suggesting such a scenario. "It's a suicide mission for those troops. And it definitely would pull NATO into a much more dangerous situation and direct confrontation [with Russia]," Rasmussen concluded.
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