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The American History of Meddling With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

The American History of Meddling with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Faran Fronczak talk about Obama’s state department meddling with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Ray Epps’ notable absence from Jan. 6th prosecutions, and the West pushing for Taiwanese independence, having learned nothing from Ukraine.
Jareth Copus - Historian | The American History of Meddling with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Daniel Lazare - Journalist | As Jan. 6th Prosecutions Kick Off, Ray Epps is Nowhere to be Seen
K.J. Noh - Journalist | Having Learned Nothing from Ukraine, West Continues to Push for Taiwanese Independence
In the first hour, Jareth Copus joined the show to talk about Russia’s prudence with its special operation in Ukraine to avoid excess casualties, Obama’s state department meddling with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and if any NATO member is willing to back up its words with manpower in Ukraine.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Daniel Lazare for a discussion on January 6th prosecutions kicking off while Ray Epps remains unscatched, the media dismissing evidence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and the politics of freezing bank accounts connected to convoy demonstrators.
In the third hour, K.J. Noh joined the conversation to talk about Western leaders advocating for Taiwan’s independence despite China’s clear red lines on the matter, and if pushing the issue would force China to launch a military operation in Taiwan.
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